The joys of Etosha National Park

Image credit: Anna Reynolds
Image credit: Anna Reynolds
Image credit: Anna Reynolds

I can honestly say I have never been anywhere else quite so spectacular as Etosha National Park in north- western Namibia. If you want to have an amazing safari experience then this is undeniably the place to come. The landscape varies greatly throughout the park, ranging from the African desert to woodlands, to dry shrub savannah.

I only spent a few days at Etosha at the end of a longer trip to Namibia but despite the short stay I was lucky enough to see all the wildlife that I wanted to: elephants, rhinos, giraffe, lions and zebras, as well as many I hadn’t even expected to see, including the highlight – a mob of meerkats (yes, it is genuinely called a ‘mob’). In fact, the amount of wildlife that you see on a trip round the park is so extensive that you slowly become complacent. At one point, a friend commented to me: “Oh, it’s just another giraffe...”

Etosha is also famous for its geographical feature of the salt pan which, when dry, offers a great opportunity to take out-of-proportion photos. Try the classic ‘I’m standing on your tongue’ photo or the perhaps more impressive ‘I’m balancing the bus on my little finger’ photo.

The camp I stayed at within the park was brilliant. Despite staying in a tent, which would never be my preferred choice of accommodation, the facilities made it feel much classier. I definitely have my eye on the lodges overlooking the waterhole... maybe for a honeymoon?

The waterhole itself was perhaps my favourite part of my Etosha experience. What could be nicer than curling up in a sleeping bag with a mug of hot chocolate while watching the stars go down, and being able to witness the waterhole fill with life as it becomes cool enough for the animals to come and drink? It is well worth staying up for, because this is when you can watch the special interaction between animals: the lion chasing the giraffes, the rhinos fighting.

I would really recommend a trip to Namibia with an extensive stay at Etosha; it’s not something I’m ever going to forget. 

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