RAG Blind Date: The Lowdown

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Blind Date is one of RAG's biggest events of the year. The concept is simple - you fill out a form and get set up with someone else, and then everyone goes on their date on the same night. The atmosphere is tense; when you look around you see various newly-made pairings, the air titters with hesitant conversation and poorly timed jokes. There is laughter, there are tears. Under the moonlight in the Cindies smoking area sometimes love is found, but mostly it's about sex.

Last Tuesday, students across the University were busy meeting other lonely hearts. Here are three stories:

Bowled Over

My date was all well and good until a combination of not having eaten all day and degrees of intoxication hit hard and I fainted in her garden. I woke up being carried by her and her three friends stretcher-style into the house; I’d apparently turned to the guy to my right and asked him to ‘hold me’ right before I went down. When I properly came to I tried to pass it off as having fallen head over heels, but alas a once over of my soil-covered outfit meant she didn’t really buy it. Yet, it was still an improvement on the boy from first year who ignored me in the street for two years after our blind date, until a few months ago when he asked me to get him my friend’s number.


The trouble with ‘blind’ dates now is that they are never really truly ‘blind.’ The ability to Facebook search your partner in advance rather ruins the whole concept. As you approach your venue of choice (La Raza, in my case), you are already praying that they simply fell victim to poor lighting in their profile picture. Given the awkward silences, drinks spillages, and misconstrued sarcasm that will inevitably dominate the next couple of hours of your life, it seems only reasonable to hope that your date may provide some kind of light relief in the form of eye candy.

Sadly, this was not the case for me this year and I must confess that I did not fancy my date. While attempting to bridge the gap between their PhysNatSci background and my AMES one, I experienced some terrifying flashbacks to my admissions interview and found myself fumbling for interesting answers to the questions “so why did you want to study Japanese?” and “what do you want to do after graduating?” It’s safe to say that this was not a source of chemistry or sexual tension.

The same cannot be said about my encounter with the barman that served us, who was one of the sexiest people I have seen in Cambridge for a long time.


I went on a friend date, which actually turned out to be really great! You feel under far less pressure to impress the other person - normally I wouldn't buy an alcoholic milkshake on a first date, but I felt comfortable showing my true gluttonous side! My date had also never tried Van of Life's cheesy chips so we went there afterwards to both satisfy my appetite and to introduce her to one of the wonders of the world. A lot of the date was spent spying on other people in the bar who were obviously just meeting for the first time, including a few who were endearingly nervous and others who genuinely looked like they were really into each other. All in all, it was a really fun night!

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