Escaping the summer slump

Freya Sanders 13 August 2015

So you spent exam term hanging on to the promise of May Week, followed by three glorious months of summer. Those three months of freedom seemed heavenly. But half-way in, summer’s starting to lose its appeal.

Our frazzled brains needed a break, and thinking of fun, imaginative things to do is hard work. This inevitably resulted in a Netflix-filled July, interspersed with the occasional trip to the fridge. Though this vegetative lifestyle was initially enjoyable, you’re probably starting to feel restless; we’ve grown accustomed to the manic, non-stop rush of Cambridge life after all.

Indeed, my boredom is only surpassed by my longing to return to Cambridge. I miss my uni friends – although given 99% of our student population seem to live in London / Surrey, a reunion would take minimal effort; I miss the independence; I miss being within walking distance of all nightclubs; heck, I even miss deadlines – at least they gave my existence some purpose.

But if, like me, your summer has taken a slump, fear not, for I have taken one for the team and racked my brains for some exciting summer adventures that will take your mind off uni-withdrawal without draining your bank account:

Why not take a day trip to the beach? If you’re lucky it might even rain; find me a Brit who doesn’t love a hearty moan about the weather.

You could also try camping, or at least have a campfire in your back garden to indulge the pyromaniac in you.

England can be a bit pretty                                                          Image: Steve Cadman

If you’re particularly missing punting frolics on the Cam, head to your nearest river or lake, rent a boat and start paddling. If there aren’t any suitable waterways near you, build your own raft and commandeer your local swimming pool – I’m pretty sure there isn’t a law against it.

After all that adventuring you’ll undoubtedly have worked up quite an appetite, so get a group of friends together and have a series of Come Dine With Me type get-togethers – it’s heaps cheaper than eating out with only a slightly increased risk of food-poisoning.

Alternatively, hold your own Bake Off and perfect the ultimate showstopper.

By this point you should be exhausted, so build a fort – this only gets more fun with age – and snuggle in for a movie night.

No excuses, it’s time to emerge from your cocoon of chocolate wrappers, shake off the cobwebs and enjoy the summer that exam-term you dreamed of.