Album Review: Everything Everything – Arc

Siana Bangura 24 January 2013

Everything Everything – Arc

In an age when music is no longer exclusively practiced by the most talented wordsmiths and players among us, listening to an album from beginning to end is rarely a profound experience. This, the sophomore album from the four Mancunian Messiahs of Math-Rock and Synth Pop provides something close for music enthusiasts. Arc is a dark, ethereal, layered and angst-filled collection of tracks, which are just as eclectic and vibrant as the band’s debut, but harder, more mature, and more focused in execution. Powerful drums, soaring falsettos, ‘spats’, off-beats, and the sounds of faraway lands serve as the vessels through which Everything Everything tell us the story of our impending apocalypse. Piano-backed balladry is blended with the band’s electro-pop roots, and although melancholy runs throughout the record, the narration is rarely sombre. Tracks like ‘Kemosabe’ and ‘Cough Cough’ will appeal to dancing feet.

Siana Bangura