Exam celebrations – Proctor feels the cham-pain

Adam Clark – Deputy 6 June 2013

The traditional celebrations at the end of final exams have been met with the equally traditional complaints of University officials. Senior Proctor Dr. Owen Saxton was seen publicly lecturing students yesterday after stray flour thrown in end of exam celebrations sprinkled his gown and mortarboard. He also told off students for spraying each other with Champagne immediately outside an examination venue.

With more students finishing exams in the last week, University officials have been warning students about celebrations at the end of each exam. Invigilators warned students in one exam to ‘maintain your decorum until you are outside the area’.

Yet students generally seem unswayed by official pleas. CamFM DJ, Phin Adams, told The Cambridge Student that “it’s bureaucracy in human form (and also gone mad)”.

One student at Murray Edwards College added: “Spraying and celebrating is great – just don’t be a dick about it, otherwise they’ll ban it outright”. Whilst it is unclear what this may entail, it is thought that being a ‘dick about it’ may include accidentally spraying those who have only just started their exams or ‘trashing’ each other, as students do at Oxford.

Last year Cambridge University attempted to ban ‘excessive’ celebrations, citing as reasons the possible disturbance of those still doing exams and bystanders, and the litter it caused. The normally foam and flour-spattered streets of Cambridge in June may have been made stickier this year with the introduction of ‘milking’, which has been adopted by some as a more noisome alternative to champagne.

Others have stuck to more traditional celebratory substances, with students spraying Bollinger at each other on Jesus Green. A 28 year old mum who lives near the centre of Cambridge said “I saw at least 10 with Bollinger and more with cheap fizzy wine and Cava. They were pretty rowdy”.

Adam Clark – Deputy News Editor