Exam Term Trends – Looking Your Best In The Library

Carmen Jones 2 May 2014

With exam term well under way, it’s no secret that many – if not most – of us are confined to our respective college libraries. However, aiming for a first doesn’t have to equate to a third in sartorial taste. Follow these 6 simple steps to ensure you’re looking your finest – irrespective of your grades.

Large jumpers + Leggings combination
This quick and easy combination for the ladies is both practical and comfortable. The lose jumper gives you freedom to move while covering the fact that you’re wearing that same unironed t-shirt again. The contrast created between the big jumper and the sleek leggings (or skinny jeans) gives a great silhouette. Add a bit of chunky jewelry and you’re set to go.

Bright colors
Perk up the dreary library vista with some strong colors. Spring is upon us and so it’s the perfect time to embrace both floral patterns and brighter hues. Stick to pastels if you’re aiming for a more classic look, or stronger shades if you want to make heads turn. A word of warning, avoid mixing too many bright colours or you’ll run the risk of looking like a Nicki Minaj imposter.

Fabulous, just not in the library. Photo Credit: Youtube

Polo shirts
Polo shirts are fantastic for all as they give a clean look without much effort. Despite starting out as sportswear, the polo shirt has well and truely crossed over into casualwear. Light, breathable and requiring minimal ironing, polos can be tucked into trousers for a preppy look or worn out for a more casual style. Don’t get too hung up on brands but focus on the right colour for you. As we come into spring (see Bright Colours), lighter colours are the go. Ideally worn with chinos although jeans will do.
Beware: ‘popped’ collars are a brave statement and not for the faint-hearted.

Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren, Youtube

Bare feet or flip flops
With a population rising faster than that of India and poor ventilation in antiquated buildings, the library is a place for footwear. Battling with the books for hours on end is tough enough and the pungent stench of sweaty feet is just insult to injury. Flip flops are almost as bad. Being starkers in public isn’t appropriate, and wearing just a thong isn’t much better. Consider the minor difference between bare feet and flip flops. Flip flops are fantastic for the beach in summer but unfortunately Corpus isn’t Corfu and so invest in a pair of shoes.

Not a library Photo Credit: Janis Petranis

This is a difficult one that requires prudential discretion – proceed with care. There is a fine line between ‘spring-casual’ and just out of place. The easiest way to test whether your shin-baring is appropriate is to ask yourself, was this garment made for another purpose ? If the answer is yes, someone is probably crying behind the next bookshelf due to your fashion travesty.
Lycra bike shorts ? Yes, appropriate for cycling.
Board shorts ? Yes, appropriate for the beach.
¾ pants ? Yes, appropriate for the elderly.
If in doubt, abstinence is the key.

Perfect for not-studying Photo Credit: Derek Clarke

Many students find studying in privacy of their own rooms preferable, and if you wear pyjamas in the library then you should to. Despite the fact that all your friends may be there, the library is not a swap. It’s not a fancy dress party. Pyjamas and onesies are sloppy and inappropriate. Just because someone else is wearing one doesn’t justify the crime.

Keep these 6 tips in mind, but never forget that confidence and posture can’t be bought off a rack.