Excerpts from The Exhibit – Michael Brown

Ru Merritt 31 October 2014

Michael Brown is a Cambridge-based poet who finished his latest collection The Exhibit at Pembroke College. Here are a couple of examples from his collection:


Pembroke planetarium

The Whipple Museum Cambridge shares an astronomer with me

Roger Long ,the first Lowndes, put in Pembroke

An 18 foot hollow sphere

painted with galaxies


Constellations for 30 people

please enter at the South Pole

a miniature Jodrell Bank


seeking undergraduate labour

£6 annual salary to care for a miniature universe

and you think minimum wage is bad


In 1871 Big Bang

torn down for masters lodge

new buildings with glass ceilings


Now 2014 a Pembroke poet

lies back on college courtyard grass

counting stars


Bring me sunflowers

Wake up to sunrise

you put me in a vase

your my water

Usually I’m poppy seeds

probably crumbs

scattered for the birds


Bring me sunflowers

in hospital

to illuminate my plain room


A lover picks me sunflowers

we eat their seeds

count many petals


Painting sunflowers

my Van Gogh ear can’t hear

a bird free sky


For more information about Brown’s work visit: www.poetbrownie.com