Exclusive: Police cause outrage as two students arrested inside King’s College

24 February 2011

Officers ignore warning from King’s Vice Provost that Police had no right to be on private University property.

Police arrested two activists inside King’s College earlier tonight, pepper spraying one – despite officially being denied permission to enter.

The arrests came after a march by Long Road and Hills Road sixth formers to protest cuts to education. TCS understands one Cambridge University student was also threatened with arrest as marchers passed through the Grand Arcade shopping centre.

At around 6pm, the marchers returned to King’s College, followed by police officers. Officers entered King’s through the main gate, and arrested King’s student Jacob Wills. When sixth former Miles Watson tried to intervene, he was pepper sprayed in the face and also arrested.

King’s College Porters repeatedly told the police to leave, and explicitly refused them permission to enter the college. One Porter told TCS: “normally police are not allowed on college grounds unless it’s something really serious, and normally they follow the right protocol, but this time they didn’t.”

Dr Basim Musallam, Vice Provost of King’s, also informed the police they had no right to be on private property, but his words were ignored. “We explained to them that they didn’t have permission and they couldn’t come in but they arrested who they wanted to arrest and then they left,” he said.

Homerton student Liam McNulty, who was also taking part in the protests, said he was “shocked” by the officers’ intrusion. “They’re such fascists,” he added. Fellow student Naiara Bazin said “it’s a disgrace that the police would not listen to the Porters and leave College grounds.”

Further updates to follow.

James Burton – News Editor

All Images Copyright -The Cambridge Student 2011