EXCLUSIVE: Union Ball announces ‘Neverland’ theme

Freya Sanders 12 November 2015

TCS can exclusively reveal that the theme of the upcoming Union Ball will be ‘Neverland’. Following tonight’s emergency debate ‘This Wendy House would never grow up’, in which the motion was passed for the proposition, organisers – appearing as Wendy and Peter Pan – promised all members the opportunity to enjoy being a child again for one night. The ball is to be held on Saturday 5th March 2016.

Laura Robinson, the Ball Ents officer, told TCS: "Neverland is all about fantasy, fun and the joy of reneging on your responsibilities- exactly what is required at the end of Lent. Students come to Cambridge for the precise purpose of avoiding adulthood, so this theme is perfectly fitting – plus it's the best excuse to fill the Union with crocodiles and fairies for a night."

The Union’s President-Elect James Hutt added, "We are really excited to continue the tradition of the Bicentenary Ball and hope that the theme of Neverland will be an interesting juxtaposition to the historic building and institution."

Information about ticketing has not yet been released.