Exploring vegan and veggie restaurants in Cambridge

Holly MacAskill 2 February 2018

With more than half of British consumers adopting vegan buying behaviors, restaurants in Cambridge and across the UK have been introducing more and more vegan and vegetarian options and making an effort to label their vegan-friendly dishes clearly. Not quite satisfied with my college’s vegan options and pathetically unable to cater for myself, I spent most of Michaelmas exploring the vegan food scene in Cambridge. So you don’t have to blow half of your term’s budget on overpriced and average falafel wraps, I will pass on my wisdom and share the best Cambridge has to offer in terms of veggie and vegan food.


In October 2017, Wagamama launched an entirely new plant-based menu featuring 11 completely vegan and 18 vegetarian dishes. From Pad Thai and Yakisoba to Curry and Ramen, this menu offers all the (vegan) heart could possibly desire. While Wagamama is certainly on the pricier side, you will definitely get your money’s worth and it is a great place to go with your non-vegan friends because there are options for everyone!

Stem + Glory

Stem + Glory is an all-vegan café that offers breakfast, brunch and full table service lunch and dinner across two branches in Cambridge (Chesterton Road and King St.). Personally, it’s one of my favorite pre-lecture hangout spots. Because it’s a little further out from the city center, it’s also a great place to go to escape for a bit and just sit and relax with a Chai Latté and a good book.


Alongside Pizza Express and Pizza Hut, Zizzi is one of the few restaurants that offer good vegan cheese instead of just giving you a cheese-less veggie pizza! What’s great about Zizzi is how clearly everything is labelled! You can ask for an allergen-menu with a quite big vegan section and don’t have to worry about any hidden animal products! My personal favorites are the vegan bruschetta and the lentil ragu. Zizzi and Pizza Express are also both on Deliveroo so you don’t even have to leave the house to satisfy your pizza cravings!


Pho is 100% my go-to place for Vietnamese vegan food in Cambridge! You’ll find a vegan version of basically every main dish, from Cà-ri to Phở Xào. I would recommend checking the vegan menu online in advance because the servers aren’t always able to tell you about vegan options! Even though it’s usually pretty busy, spacious seating areas across several floors ensures that you’ll usually always get a table. A super cute place to go with vegan and non-vegan friends alike!

Doppleganger Burger

Doppleganger Burger may be my favorite thing that ever happened to the Cambridge vegan food scene. Doppleganger serves an absolutely amazing vegan burger (probably one of the best vegan burgers I’ve ever tried) from Mondays to Wednesdays either at 2648 or to order on Deliveroo. The vegan burger with violife cheese and smoked tofu will cost you around 9$ and definitely won’t disappoint!

Starbucks / Pret

Both Starbucks and Pret serve some great dairy-free coffee with Starbucks having recently introduced Almond, Coconut and Oat Milk in addition to their standard Soy alternative and Pret even serving coconut-based holiday drinks. However, it’s definitely more than a little annoying to have to pay an extra 30p for non-dairy milk! While both have vegan food options available, Pret definitely takes the lead in that respect. It’s great for small snacks like chia pots, sandwiches and soups!

Food Stalls

Quite a few food stalls around market square have been introducing vegan options – some more successfully than others. Taste of Cambridge offers great falafel wraps for a decent price (around 5 pounds)! All of their wraps are vegetarian and only one isn’t vegan! If you have a little more time, I am Dumpling prepares fresh dumplings with both vegetarian and vegan dumplings available. While I was super excited to find out that Cambridge Crepes had vegan and gluten-free options available, I have to say I was a little disappointed! They tasted quite bland and in hindsight I should have spent those 4 pounds on over-priced coconut lattes instead! On a more positive note, I would definitely recommend checking out DOUGH! They just recently introduced a new vegan fruit & nut flavour of their signature cookie dough and it definitely doesn’t disappoint!