Eyewitness: Venezuela

30 October 2008

Today, Venezuela is widely known for the strong political confrontation between the ruling party and the opposition, but contrasts such as this are part of the country’s essence.

The racial mix of indigenous communities, descendants from African slaves, European migrants all of them coincide in the same space.

There are untameable savannas, wonderful coastlines, unique tepuys, unexplored forests and majestic mountains.

Different needs, concerns and points of view create many Venezuelas, adding to the overall complexity of a land that is known abroad for its controversial president, its oil production and nothing more.

Venezuela unfolds only when different perspectives are added by the analytical eye; straight forward definitions are quite difficult.

As field-biologists travelling around the country, we experienced this, deepening our understanding of our country’s potential. We are committed to contributing to its fulfilment.