Eyre condemns Election Committee’s “unprofessional and excessive” actions

Will Tilbrook 9 March 2017

Daisy Eyre's campaign to become the new President of CUSU has restarted in earnest after being suspended for nine hours yesterday due to a ban put in place by the CUSU Election Committee (EC).

Eyre's campaign was initially suspended for 12 hours after a complaint was lodged with the EC concerning a leaflet that had the words "Jack Drury is a lying Tory" written in red pen, in block capitals, on the back, along with the suggestion to vote "1. Daisy, 2. Re-Open, 3. Keir, 4. Jack".

After the campaigning ban was lifted at 8pm on Wednesday, in a Facebook post, Ms Eyre stated: "“I would like to express my extreme disappointment with the elections committee.

“To discipline me without thorough investigation, or even informing me of what was going on, was entirely unprofessional and excessive. Perhaps unwittingly, the members of the committee behaved in a political fashion, undermining my campaign and threatening the democratic process.”

The EC has yet to respond to these remarks, but in their initial Facebook post stated: "The EC emphasises that personal attacks of this nature are unacceptable and the Eyre campaign has had this reinforced with them. The EC wish to see this campaign fought cleanly and on policies, and will not allow such conduct." However, having held a disciplinary meeting with the Eyre campaign, the EC then issued another statement announcing that the ban has been shortened due to "the Eyre campaign's complete condemnation of the activity and stated intention to take remedial action."

In her statement, Eyre also highlighted how University Councillor candidate Joshua Jackson had been treated differently by the EC when they ruled yesterday that his campaigning had been "unacceptably aggressive" towards his fellow candidate Umang Khandelwal. Jackson was given a "serious" warning but his campaign was not suspended.