Fashion insights: TCS meets Tuck Muntarbhorn: co-founder of Thai Fashion House, Busardi

Oliver James 12 May 2014

A newcomer to Europe, Busardi took London by storm at the recent London Fashion Week A/W 2014 and shows no signs of slowing down. An icon for effortless glamour and grace that has captured the hearts of royalty across Asia, Busardi is a surefire choice for those looking to splash out at this year’s May Week.

What can you tell us about your recent success at London Fashion Week ?

Our A/W 2014 presentation show space during London Fashion Week was packed to the rafters even though we had double the show times! We were so proud to have managed to attract such a crowd filled with individuals who I love and admire. This collection was my mother's (Busardi Muntarbhorn) strongest collection yet, and I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received from journalists, editors and stylists who not only said they loved the collection but they mentioned that they wanted to try on the pieces which isn't the reponse you normally get from a couture-esque presentation.

Busardi is well-known to be a family brand, how do you think this tradition influences what we see on the catwalk ?

There is always a hint of tradition in what we do. We aim to provide prêt-à-couture garments which are highly decorative – embellished by highly skilled artisans who have followed my mother for over 40 years. We remain true to our rich heritage and incorporate our couture techniques, such as the use of lace appliqué and heavy embroidery from the past – but with a contemporary twist as seen on the runway. Although, our aim is not to reinvent but to summarise the past and come up with new solutions and ideas that suit present lifestyles. 

How do you envision Busardi’s transition into the European market?

It's already happening! Showing in London has enabled us to broaden commercial opportunities outside of Asia and tap into the European fashion market. We will be travelling to Paris in a couple of months time to sell our upcoming collection to international buyers who have been in touch with us after our first show in Europe.

What do you think sets Busardi apart from the usual couture houses we’ve become accustomed to here in Europe?

As a fashion house based in the heart of Thailand and not Europe, we are already offering something different. We aim to continually pour our rich Thai heritage into the creation of our garments as my mother's heart and those of our seamstresses and pattern-makers who have been working with us for over 40 years still remain in this very land. The result is a breed between Thai and European fashion, which I hope is beautiful through the eyes of many.


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