Autumn trees nails

1. Start with a clear base coat. This will stop the brighter colours staining your nail an unfortunate shade!

2. Apply a pale taupe/pink shade over the whole nail.

3. To draw the branches of the tree you will need black nail polish and a form of dotting tool. You can buy cheap professional tools on Amazon, but I find that bobby pins or cuticle sticks work just as well.

4. Draw a black line along the bottom of the nail, right next to the nail-bed. Then draw a vertical line upwards from that.

5. From the vertical line, draw freeform lines to create branches. As you run out of liquid on the tool the line will naturally thin, which makes lines seem more branch-like.

6. Cut up a make-up sponge into small chunks and apply a red polish to the side of one of them. I used 310 Red Carpet by Rimmel (£3.69). Lightly dab this across the upper half of the nail where you have drawn the branches.

7. Whilst this is still sticky, apply another autumnal shade using another slice of sponge. I used Maybelline’s Number 118 Urban Coral (£2.99).

8. Finally I applied a metallic gold, Hot To Trot by No7 (£6).

9. To define the leaves, use the dotting tool to place dots of yellow polish, such as 307 Lemon by Barry M (£2.99) on the branches, before lightly dragging the polish out into tiny lines. Repeat with a dark red such as Essie’s nail polish in Bordeaux (£7.99)

10. Apply a clear top coat, and there you have it: perfect autumn trees nails!

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