How to guide: Oscar nails

movie nails
Image credit: Anna Carruthers

1. Apply a clear base coat to protect your natural nail and prevent unsightly staining.

2. Apply two coats of white nail polish (Revlon White on White £6.49) on the four fingers and two coats of gold on the thumb (Barry M Gold Glitter £2.99).

3. On the middle and index finger and a tiny amount on the ring finger, use the gold polish to draw a thick undulating gold line. It is best to use the normal nail polish brush as this will provide a good thickness

4. Surround this gold with a black outline. The easiest method of doing this is with a striper (NYC Black Ink £1.99) as it will easily bend to accommodate the curve of the line. Using a cocktail stick will provide a much less smooth effect.

5. As well as surrounding the gold, divide it up into sections in order to replicate the effect of a film roll.

6. The black line needs to be a decent thickness as the next step is to draw tiny white lines within the black lines. You can use a cocktail stick and the previously used white polish. Alternatively, the easier option is using a white nail art pen (Barry M White £4.99).

7. On the ring finger, at the point at which the gold stops, draw a simple black film camera. Use a dotting tool or hair grip to achieve perfect circles, a striper for narrow tripod legs and then a cocktail stick to outline and fill in the body of the camera.

8.The little finger should be left plain white.

9. Apply a clear top coat once dry to enhance longevity and give extra shine.

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