Interview with Louise Pentland

Interviewer Anna with Louise Pentland
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Louise Pentland, or SprinkleOfGlitter as she is otherwise known, is a beauty blogger and YouTuber. Her channel currently has over one million subscribers, affectionately known as Sprinklerinos and content ranges from beauty tutorials to serious discussions of sensitive issues. Along with 5 other YouTubers, she recently debated the role of YouTube as a broadcast medium at the Cambridge Union. I was able to have a quick chat with her beforehand.

Anna Carruthers: Why did you start YouTubing?

Louise Pentland: I started YouTube as a follow up to my blog. I initially had a blog about crafts and interiors actually, which I started while renovating a house. Not a lot of people know that’s how I got my start. After 6 months, the house was renovated and I enjoyed the blogging community so much that I converted it into a beauty blog. I then found the world of YouTube, and it all took off from there and spiralled into this.

AC: What is your proudest achievement as a result of YouTube?

LP: Travel is a great luxury resulting from my success, but I think that I am most proud of the fact that my job allows me to stay at home with my daughter. My daughter is also growing up in a household where her mother owns her own business and is independent. I think that makes me quite proud to know that that’s the role model she will have in her early years.

AC: Fellow beauty YouTuber Tanya Burr has recently launched her own make up line. Are there any projects you would like to get involved in?

LP: Yes, I have something in the pipeline that I’m not speaking about at the moment, but yes there is something coming.

AC: Would you have pursued a career in the beauty industry without YouTube?

LP: Absolutely not. My plan was to be a stay at home mum − I was all for the 1950s household. I’m a feminist, or rather I’m an equalist, and I believe that women should have the choice. My choice was to stay at home, raise the children and support my husband. As it turned out, I got something even better.

AC: Our May Balls are coming up next term. What is your recommendation for a luxury beauty item befitting the occasion?

LP: Apart from the dress, I would definitely invest in MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. It gives you a lovely glow, perfect for spring/summer without looking dewy. Second pick: YSL Shocking mascara. It is the best mascara I’ve ever used and it can’t hurt to have big, glimmering eyes on a special night.

AC: What would your advice be for any budding beauty bloggers or YouTubers?

LP: Keep your integrity. Do what you are passionate about and don’t follow the crowd. If you’ve got an idea that you like, go with it and don’t feel pressured to change your mind if it’s outside the norm. 

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