To Depop or Not?

Some of Tash's items for sale

With Depop hitting over 2 million users, if you don't have the app you either a) must have lost/broken your phone or b) have no interest in clothes and think Supreme is just a cheeky chicken dish. Either way, you should probably get to know the second hand emporium that has its top sellers raking in thousands of pounds every week.

The success of Depop demonstrates two over-egged but nevertheless fairly accurate characteristics of the millennial generation: lazy but entrepreneurial. I used to sell on eBay religiously, but when this alternative popped up that neither required entering in an encyclopedic list of details (including a definition), nor had any listing fees, I was easily converted - see 'lazy'. Depop acts almost as a concentration of eBay's finest and it cringes me out the number of items I see on Depop that I had been watching or bidding on.

Women definitely run the world of Depop and the app has a clearly gendered experience. Girls' openness to a much wider range of styles has led to many more female sellers and buyers, and I've even met boys who have chosen to sell girls' clothes rather than boys', finding it easier. For girls, there is the choice of cheap, unlabelled pieces that my mum would declare to be ‘naff’, boho floaty tops, flared trousers, big name designer brands like D&G and Dior, and high street brands such as TopShop. There has been a recent movement over to boys' clothing, but scrolling down the list of suggested male users, it soon becomes clear that their stock almost entirely consists of branded items. Supreme and Palace are the heavyweights, with Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger and Champion following at the heels.

Ironically, despite my enthusiasm for selling on Depop, I buy clothes for myself on it extremely rarely. My unshakeably acute awareness that the item was probably bought for 50% of the price that it is now being re-sold at, renders me reluctant to succumb to payment, when I could just have found it myself. Whilst originally I used to sell solely the old clothes that I no longer wore, I now buy clothes to sell. Thus, Depop is essentially my weekend job that I use to raise funds to buy new clothes from brands like Sandro. That I actually quite enjoy spending hours scouring eBay finding the odd coveted item is a bonus

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