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If you are a fresher unlucky enough to have your birthday fall in Michaelmas, don’t despair. Back home you would probably spend this special day with those you knew to be your closest friends, receive wonderfully cute ‘in-joke’ presents and be taken out to your ‘classic’ birthday restaurant for dinner. With a birthday so close to the start of your university career, it is not uncommon to have the following thoughts run through your mind: what should I do? Who should I invite? Is it too early to be making things exclusive when I haven’t even discovered my core friend group yet? Who will even want to come?!

The thought might cross your mind: why not do something easy by just having some birthday pre-drinks (which are really just normal pre-drinks that just happen to fall on the day of your birth) and then go out to Cindies? However, if this sounds just like the birthday you never dreamt of, go back to your roots and throw a good old-fashioned birthday party- trust me, everyone will thank you for it. 

Rediscover your childhood, if just for a night, with our grown-up spin on these classic party games:

Musical Chairs

You think you know the drill. But this time, instead of dancing in gentle harmony to the dulcet tones of nursery rhymes, fill the room with the sweet sound of heavy dubstep beats, so that when the bass drops, it will catch out even the most musically adept of your inebriated pals. 

A Musical Chair. Image Credit: Vladimer Shioshvil

Pass the parcel

Make this childhood favourite a little more interesting by writing ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions on little pieces of paper within the parcel. Instead of Magic Stars, you’ll get a little packet of oddly intimate secrets you’ll wish you never discovered, as well the sweet sense of smugness that you’ve never been caught by the porters wandering college wearing only a slanket.

You wouldn't want to be found by the porters in one of these. IMAGE NOT OF AUTHOR. Image Credit: whatleydude

Party Rings

Tired of the classic party game? Take a new approach by using a long piece of string, and threading three packets of party rings onto it. Now either limbo under it, or use as a skipping rope (both hilarious if accompanied by sideline tequila cheering). Then happily devour the sugar-coated pieces of childhood. 

Ah, the sweet taste of childhood. Image Credit: Carmen's Year

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