Growing Up: The Pitfalls of Christmas

Image credit: Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Christmas is a time of wonder and cheer. You just can’t help but get excessively excited about the dusty, battered box of 20 year old Christmas decorations descending from the attic, followed by the seasonal debut appearance of Slade and that first bite of a mince pie.

Yet, there comes a time, every December, where you become aware of just how many times you have partaken in this strange Christmas ritual. When you watch the John Lewis advert and see the joyous little boy with his penguin presents, when you open up an Argos catalogue, or see one of the Christmas parades; it becomes frighteningly clear that Christmas is, in its very essence, a time for children. The magic of Christmas is infused with the dreams of children - dreams of Santa, Rudolf, and Elves in an enchanted workshop. The moment you discover the truth about Santa *spoiler alert* not being real; the mystical yuletide bubble bursts, and it’s all too easy to replace it with a Scrooge-like shroud.

In fact when your pesky, spoilt cousin screams in a Dudley Dursley manner about the calibre of presents that year, turns his nose up at the sprouts, and most importantly at your impeccably tuneful rendition of Wizard; it’s hard not to blurt out said Santa related truth. But no one, and I mean no one, likes a Scrooge. Christmas Day is a time for sharing, of laughter, and of expert looks of gratitude when you open yet another pair of socks from your long-lost relative.

Indeed, Christmas is everywhere, and now, for an increasingly longer portion of the year. It’s impossible to escape, so my advice is don’t bother trying. It really is a lonely, lonely place being the sole figure at the Christmas table without their obligatory cracker-provided Christmas hat. So don the hat, and of course, the most hideous Christmas jumper that you can find, crank up the Christmas tunes and belt out the carols to your heart’s content. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, whatever your age; so embrace it, enjoy it, and pass out on the sofa at eight o'clock after a game of charades. 

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