Fez to close permanently

Louis Mian 27 January 2021
Image Credits: Geograph

The nightclub Fez has announced that it will be closing permanently. This decision follows the announcement, last term, that Ballare (otherwise known as Cindies) will not be reopening its doors and that Vinyl (or Life) will be changing hands.

According to Eclectic Bars, the group who own Fez, the club’s closure is ‘a commercial decision’, as the ‘lease on the premises has expired and a decision was taken not to renew it, given the current situation in which the nightclub industry finds itself due to the pandemic.’

Eclectic Bars further noted that ‘the site where Fez is has been identified as up for redevelopment and so a new lease would only be a short one.’

On 20th March 2020, Fez stated that they had ‘made the difficult decision to temporarily close our doors’ until further notice. They explained that they were looking ‘forward to welcoming you again in the not too distant future.’

Sadly, March was the last time students would ever get to experience the club’s iconic Friday night.

Eclectic Bars also run Lola Lo’s and they have told TCS that, when lockdown ends, ‘we will be proud, with Lola Lo, to be a part of the incredible musical life of Cambridge. It’s a city that’s always been at the forefront of night-time music entertainment – we can’t wait to be back and playing our part.’

One student anonymously wrote on the Facebook page Camfess: ‘You all laughed when I said we should nationalise the clubs.’ Another, expressing their dismay, explained, ‘I think I’ve experienced my last ounce of true happiness.’

Despite Fez’s closure, Eclectic Bars have stated that they ‘have every faith in the future of the night-time entertainment industry’.