Film Still: Bride and Prejudice

Jessy Ahluwalia 30 October 2013

Bride and Prejudice describes India perfectly: the rainbow colours, the electric vibrancy of streets that smell just like grandma’s cooking. This is the way I see the motherland: colourful, noisy, and full of family-orientated moments of hilarity, emotion and love.

Welcome to the Punjab.

Given that my parents’ marriage is interracial, the storyline in this film makes my heart melt every single time. But it’s not just the multicultural aspect of it that I love: it’s the music of this romantic comedy. I dance around my kitchen singing, “No life, without wife!” on a regular basis and, without this film, I would almost certainly have missed out on years of practising my bhangra dancing.

This shot depicts the emotions salient to every wedding day: happiness, excitement and a touch of sadness as an old life is left behind to start anew. I have seen this unforgettable film a million times, yet still I am swept away each and every time, feet tapping and heart singing.