Film Still: Up

Ellie Gould 21 November 2013

Most films, when they make an attempt to draw tears from their audience, start slowly to give you a chance to get to know the characters. But Up is not most films. In a sequence that lasts barely more than four minutes, right at the very beginning of the film, somehow Pixar manage to create a beautifully heart-wrenching depiction of life.

After a brief introduction to Carl and Ellie as children, frolicking in an old house, we are shown moments from their lives in quick succession as they grow old together, indefinitely in love. There are no words spoken, and only the gentle tinkling of Michael Giacchino's wonderful score Married Life accompanies their highs and lows. It is perhaps the repetition of locations that makes this love story so simple yet powerful. Here, Carl mourns his wife alone in the very same church in which they got married, surrounded by friends. His story is the perfect illustration of human life, and the single thing that defines us: love.