Fire engines called to tackle blaze at Sidney

Tom Richardson 10 June 2016

Emergency services were scrambled last night to tackle a fire in a Sidney accommodation block.

A flat in Blundell Court, a modern building on King’s Street, caught alight around 6pm, with police blocking off parts of Malcolm and King’s streets, while two fire engines tackled the blaze.

Bewildered students were promptly evacuated, and there was some confusion over the extent of the fire, with the smell of smoke spreading throughout the college.

A fire service spokesman identified a tumble drier as the origin of the fire.

No-one was hurt or injured, which the head porter Colin Maxted attributed, in email to students this morning, to “professional and quick action by my colleagues”.

However, while commending “a good evacuation by most people”, he highlighted the need for vigilance and improved procedures.

Speaking to TCS, first year Sidney student Sophie Dickinson said “I suppose there is a point to all those Monday morning practises”.