Firefighters descend on Life

Rory Weal 5 September 2014

Last week, firefighters descended on the Cambridge nightclub Kuda, commonly known by students as 'Life', in a full scale emergency exercise.

Crews from Cambridge's Green Watch, Burwell and Cottenham were joined by the East of England Ambulance Service Trust Hazardous Area Response Team (HART). Appropriately, the operation was called “Exercise Kuda Chaos”.

The exercise simulated a fire in the basement nightclub with multiple casualties. St John’s Ambulance supplied 20 individuals, who were made up to look like they were injured. Search and rescue breathing apparatus teams were deployed to rescue live casualties, who were handed over to the HART team for triage and trauma care.

Watch Commander Scott Feveyear, Cambridge Green Watch, said: “This exercise went according to plan, involved multiple agencies and provided evidence that the Service is equipped and prepared to effectively resolve a large scale incident with multiple casualties reported.”

The Watch Commander’s words will calm the fears of Life punters who regular mistake the club’s (in)famously sweaty atmosphere for a sign of an impending fire outbreak.

Connie Muttock, a second year student at Queens’ said: “It’s sometimes so hot and sweaty in Life that I worry that a section of the club may actually be on fire. After this exercise I’ll be able to drink my VKs with peace of mind.”

Rumours that the DJ set for the exercise consisted of playing Johnny Cash’s seminal 1963 album ‘Ring of Fire’ on a loop remain unconfirmed.