Fitz superhall in exile

Katie Spenceley 30 October 2008

Fitzwilliam College’s Superhall has been “forced into exile”, following a disagreement with the College over noise levels at post-formal parties.

The Hallowe’en-themed bop, which was due to be held in Fiztwilliam College after formal hall on the 4th November, has now been moved to Vodka Revolutions in the wake of the disagreement.

Fitzwilliam’s Entz Officers, Liam Conlon and Jamie Burton, told The Cambridge Student (TCS) that the problems arose following high noise levels that disturbed some fellows at the college:

“At the last bop two weeks ago, several fellows were disturbed by the noise at 10.30pm, and the bop was shut down early despite previous permission from the college to continue to 12.30am. Subsequently, we were told that no such events shall take place in college until they have found a way to regulate noise levels.”

Fitzwilliam’s Bursar, Christopher Pratt, has insisted, however, that noise levels are not behind the cancellation of the bop.

He informed TCS that the reason it would not be taking place was “because no application was ever submitted for use of the room for the bop.”

“The Entz Officers asked for the notice period to be waived, but this was not possible due to necessary staff being unavailable on the night in question”.

Mr Pratt acknowledged the recent problems with noise levels, but assured TCS that an agreement has been reached to allow further bops to go ahead.

“A bop is due to take place at the end of term, at which new noise measures and controls will be put in place. This was not, however, the issue with the Hallowe’en bop.”

The Entz Officers have said that the matter “is not a student vs college conflict”, but added, “we have encountered other problems in our tenure as Entz officers.” They cited the cancellation of a bop last Lent, after one fellow said that “no-one will have heard” of their main act.

The President of Fitzwilliam’s Junior Members’ Association (JMA), Adrian Pascu-Tulbure, assured TCS that: “there has been no breakdown of good relations with College authorities whatsoever about this: normal service will resume shortly!”

He added, “we did not want to disappoint the students, our philosophy being that we should aim to organize a whole evening’s entertainment rather than just a formal.”

“Our main concern is for people to have an excellent time on Tuesday.”

The JMA removed its affiliation with the proposed bop after the Entz officers failed to secure the room for the event.

The Entz officers added that they were not happy charging students £8.50 for a college formal when there would be no bop afterwards.

In its place, they organized a 3-course sit down meal at the Cambridge branch of the bar and restaurant Vodka Revolutions, combined with free entry to Ballare nightclub.

The Entz officers concluded,”if college, as in this case, is unwilling to negotiate with us, rather than accept their demands and disappoint students, we will, as in this case, look at alternatives and hold events elsewhere.”

Anna Croall

Katie Spenceley