Five minutes about food with Ben Pope

Gigi Perry 12 November 2013

Footlights President, Ben Pope talks stirred-not-shaken Earl Grey, zombies and dead pig.

What was the last thing you ate? Regrettably, approximately 3/5 of a Domino’s Pizza. The final 2/5 defeated me. I never learn.

Do you find cooking a laugh? Depends who’s cooking. If it’s me, the results are laughable, yes.

Guiltiest food secret? I mean, I’m Catholic so guilt is my bread and butter. If I don’t feel an acute sense of self-hatred after eating it, then it’s not worth eating.

Favourite food joke? Russell Howard describes a bacon sandwich as bread giving a dead pig a cuddle. I like that.

Pre-show snack? Pizza. Bananas. Cheese. Any combination of the above.

Signature drink? Earl Grey tea. Stirred (shaking is not advisable).

Who would be your ideal dinner party guests, dead or alive? I’d prefer alive, thanks. (Zombies give me the willies).

What would be your last supper? Let’s make it breakfast and I’ll have the Full English. I get more done on a full stomach.