6 March 2008

Current CUSU President, Mark Fletcher, has won an unprecedented second term in office after beating his three rivals – Richard Braude, Basit Kirmani and Hugo Hadlow – in the Student Union elections.

In a contrast to Fletcher’s landslide victory of the previous year, the Presidential position was hotly contested, with his closest rival Richard Braude securing a sizable portion of the vote.

The other candidates, Braude, Kirmani and Hadlow, were quick to congratulate Fletcher on his momentous win. Braude, who fought his campaign promising increased student involvement within the union, said: “I trust that Mark Fletcher will have the integrity to support these students in their fight.” Hugo Hadlow, whose right wing policies ruffled feathers and provoked some strong criticism also offered his own congratulations to Fletcher, saying: “I hope he does a very good job.”

The tense atmosphere at the vote count was further heightened after the late resignation of Basit Kirmani from the presidential race. He stepped down from the running after a misunderstanding of the electoral rules, whereby he used a Queens’ College email list to promote his candidacy – a practice which is prohibited in the CUSU constitution.


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