Review: La Maison du Steak

Image credit: Joël Reland and Katrine Tilgaard Petersen

Visiting La Maison du Steak felt like an adventure; located quite far out of the city centre, on a fairly big and busy road, it momentarily felt like a bit of a mistake to have gone there. As soon as we entered into the bistro-like atmosphere of the restaurant, however, our minds were changed, and tasting the food confined those first moments of confusion to matters of distant memory.

The paper menus set down on our table were reminiscent of many a French restaurant, the kind which you often find on the side of a motorway. This is not an allusion to La Maison du Steak’s incongruous roadside location, but rather to the spirit of the French diner. Good food, served simply. The interior is intimate without being elaborate, and the food is refined without the annoying tendency to suffix a simple steak with any M&S-style jargon.

In terms of the interior, this place is worth a visit for its bustling Bistro feel. The décor is somewhat indeterminate, what defines the interior is its energy: tables are closely packed, waiters are constantly on hand, making for a lively atmosphere. If possible, however, try and take a table downstairs, as the small room upstairs was bland in comparison.

No matter where you sit though, you will enjoy the food. There is a wide choice of meat available (but little else), however the clue is in the name and the steak is the main reason to go here. We both had a sirloin steak, one rare and one medium-rare. Disputes over the merits of each caisson aside, we could agree that both arrived exactly as we wanted them, or in fact better than we knew was possible. These people know their steak, many cuts are available at a range of prices (£8-20), all served with a simple side of good chips, salad, and a choice of sauce.

I suppose the main question is why not just go to CAU? Simply, La Maison du Steak the steak offers slightly better meat and a more convivial atmosphere. If this isn’t reason enough, treat it as an adventure. The Flying Pig Pub across the road has a more diverse range of beers than anywhere south of the Maypole, so grab a fancy pale lager after a hearty plate of meat and indulge in a truly Gallic experience.

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