Taste Test: Cookies

This week has been the week of freshers’ flu 3.0 and I promise you it doesn’t get any less grim. My snotty neighbours and I have our communal kettle permanently on in a desperate bid to achieve some sort of Lemsip-y relief, but alas this is often short lived and I find myself reverting to a far more trusted form of comfort – food. Now, the chocolate chip cookie has been my solace of choice, and as the honest administrator of this taste test, I have to acknowledge the fact that cookie lovers are divided on two lines – crunchy vs chewy, and admit upfront that I fall firmly into the chewy camp.

I tested three varieties of cookies this week, ones from M&S, ones from Tiger, and ones from Sainsbury’s. M&S cookies come as a deal, one pack of 10 for £2, and two packs for £3. The chocolate is soft and dissolves on your tongue, but the cookie itself is rock solid and crunchy. Bits of it flake off while you chew until you find yourself gently smattered with cookie dust, and this just serves to remind me why crunchy cookies are an abomination.

But, if the crunch is what you’re after, skip M&S and go for Tiger. Lots of tiny Danish Butter Cookies (with chocolate chips!) come for £4, and the bite-sized nature of them compared to the really large M&S ones means you’re less likely to experience the awful crumbling effect, and that you can eat a considerably larger number in single sitting. Plus, the best bit is that they come in a cute little tin you can use to store things like stationery or your essay-induced tears in afterwards.

However, as a chewy cookie gal, for me, the clear winner is the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel. I know it’s cheating because salted caramel is the food of the heavens and so an unfair variable, but these delicious, chewy, melt-in-your-mouth cookies have actually changed my life. Partly because of their gorgeous texture, and partly because of the thrill of the gamble, sometimes they’re reduced, and sometimes they’re not. It’s anywhere from £1.50 to £1 for four massive cookies with no risk of crumbling.

If you’re ill (or even if you’re not) and want a beautiful chewy cookie experience, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference is a worthy indulgence. If you’re a crunchy cookie weirdo, get Tiger brand cookies for the size and for the bonus decorative tin. To sum up:

Marks and Spencers : 4/10. Only worth it if it comes with a vacuum cleaner for the cookie dust.

Tiger: 6/10. Crunchy, cute size, cuter tin.

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference: 8/10. I want you inside me.

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