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When it comes to Italian food, a family-run restaurant is the best – the food, the portion, the atmosphere, and the people are just superior. Sandwiched between a Michelin star restaurant and a fast food place, there’s a hidden gem on Hills Road called Gattuso’s Trattoria, previously known as Caffe Sicilia. It’s a little out of the way (not for Homertonians), but it’s always surprisingly busy in the evening.

I first visited Gattuso’s on my birthday back in February. I ordered my favourite eggplant parmigiana and shared a pizza with my friend. I am a picky eater and I found their Sicilian pizza very authentic – thin chewy dough, just the way I like it. I wanted to have tiramisu for dessert, but sadly it was sold out. Another thing that is authentic is their price; it is not “Cambridge-priced”, but reasonably “Italian-priced”.

Since then I’ve returned a couple more times with my friends for dinner. The portion of their salad is very generous, and the lasagna reminds me of my trip to Bologna; it was piping hot, creamy, and cheesy. Coffee is so much a part of Italian culture and they surely did it right. If I weren’t making my own, I’d walk down to Gattuso’s for their coffee every day.

The staff are very friendly and if you feel like practising your Italian, they’d be thrilled! What I love about Italy and Italians is that the people are always so happy and playful. However, it seems that they’re not very good on the phone. I wasn’t sure what went wrong, but I turned up on time for my reservation and they told me there wasn’t a reservation under my name. So make sure you confirm before you hang up.

Now that the weather’s lovely and warmer, they got outdoor seating as well. Apparently, they do catering and traditional Italian celebration cakes too. It’s a tiny cozy place, so I’d suggest you always make a reservation.

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