Ultimate hangover cure

Image credit: Robert Gourley

After an indulgent all-night party, the last thing you are probably craving is consuming yet more food.

This is exactly why this smoothie, which is in fact very juice-like, is the perfect thing to help ease your hangover and give you the illusion of health. I must warn you though, if you are expecting something sweet and creamy like a milkshake, this is not for you.

This smoothie tastes of health.

Needless to say, you will need a blender for this, but other than that it really is as simple as adding it all in and mixing. Perfect for anyone who finds coordination difficult after a big night out.


1 handful of fresh spinach (or more if you are feeling brave)

Roughly 1/3 of a cucumber

A thumb sized piece of fresh ginger with the skin removed

200ml apple juice

The ginger gives the drink a kick as well as aiding digestion, while the cucumber gives it a fresh and hydrating element. 

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