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Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Lyon to hang out with a friend who lives there. Known as the Gastronomic Capital of France, Lyon boasts a plethora of highbrow dining institutions that would set any foodie’s heart racing. However, much of the traditional Lyonnaise cuisine consists of tripe, and being a vegetarian, I needed to find an alternative way to eat, while still basking in all of the culinary delight the city has to offer. Thankfully, I was successful, and have here a brief guide to my favourite places to eat and drink in Lyon.

3 ptits pois

On a bit of a budget, we stayed in and cooked our own meals most days. In order to do so, we bought groceries from 3 ptits pois, the organic supermarket of dreams. Located on Rue Sébastien Gryphe, the store itself is beautiful, and revolves around an ethical, environmentally conscious ethos. It’s a small place that retains a feeling of locality and independence, yet stocks a range of exciting and tasty food – freshly made nut butters, vegetables, cakes, you name it. The staff were so friendly, and even poured me a glass of lemonade to taste as we paid. It was delicious. 


I don’t even know how to begin describing the experience I had in Amorino, a gelato shop in Vieux Lyon. They sell exquisite artisanal ice creams and sorbets scooped into flower designs, topped with ice cream filled macarons. The lime and basil sorbet was probably the best I’ve had in my life. They have outdoor seating where you can people watch in one of the most beautiful streets in Lyon – that is if you can tear your attention away from the gelato itself. 


Yaafa is a falafel place in the centre of town, on Rue d’Algérie. They make a diverse range of flavourful and filling falafel combinations, which can be eaten in a pitta or salad, with delicious houmous and fried potatoes on the side. An affordable and tasty option, this place will satisfy both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. 

Mumbai Cafe 

Mumbai Cafe is an intimate cocktail bar and restaurant on Rue Sainte-Catherine, near Hôtel de Ville. Absolutely dripping with atmosphere, this is one of the coolest places I went in Lyon. We didn’t eat there but I’m told the food is amazing, and the tequila based cocktail I had to drink was incredible. The extensive menu spoke for the craft they put into creating unique and delicious cocktails, and the bar staff were some of the friendliest I’ve come across. 

In general, French culture really seems to prize eating and drinking as a means to relax, enjoy, and connect. There was so much passion emanating from the hospitality industry, and I would highly recommend making the time to appreciate that, should you ever find yourself in Lyon.

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