Summer salad recipes

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Here are two summer salad recipes you can prepare in just five to ten minutes. They are a great option for lunch, and even for breakfast. Both are healthy yet delicious and are extremely simple to make, especially if you are on a tight schedule. 

Buckwheat Spinach Salad 


½ cup cooked buckwheat groats 

2 cups baby spinach

4-5 walnuts halves  

Aged balsamic vinegar 

7-8 strawberries 



Wash baby spinach and put in bowl. Add buckwheat. Divide strawberries in half and add on top of buckwheat. Add walnut halves. Drizzle balsamic vinegar.


 Mediterranean Breakfast Salad: 


60gr. feta cheese

8 black olives

8 Cherry tomatoes 

2 small cucumbers 

2 small green peppers 



Simply chop the veggies, crumble the feta, add in the olives and give it a good toss.

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