Forget exams with the ultimate Eurovision party

Alice Mottram 20 May 2015

It may be exam term, but Eurovision is the perfect excuse to kick back with friends this Saturday and forget your troubles. After the triumph of Conchita Wurst last year, the competition is to be held in Vienna. Mired in controversy over the tense political voting between Ukraine and Russia, you may ask what can possibly top Denmark 2014? It most definitely won’t be the UK entry, from duo Electro Velvet. Nul points. No, this year, Australia is crashing the party. Whilst no explanation for this has yet to be offered, the 60th anniversary competition looks to be bigger than ever before. So, before Saturday night arrives, read on for tips on how to plan the ultimate Eurovision party.

I don't see Australia on this map. Image credit: Charles Clegg

1. The college bar

The grand final will last well over three hours, so your venue is going to have to supply student staples: beanbags, alcohol and pizza. With ample space to jump up and boogie on down to some classic Euro-pop, and to slump through the interminable announcing of results, the bar is the place to be. And if your college bar doesn’t have a television, you ought to ask yourselves, ‘whose university?’

2. An abundance of alcohol

Alcohol will be a major factor in the enjoyment of Eurovision. If you can make it through the night sober, I applaud you. Otherwise, this drinking game should see you through to the early hours. Drink:

  • Every time someone mentions ABBA
  • For every time Britain is awarded ‘nul points’
  • For every country who gives ‘douze points’ to their geographical neighbour
  • Every time Australia’s mere presence at the party is questioned
  • For every act in national dress
  • Every time you hear an unnecessarily dramatic key change
  • For every excessive use of pyrotechnics/confetti/glitter/fireworks
  • When Graham Norton drinks, you drink

ABBA = a drink. Image credit: Danny15

3. Fancy dress

Dressing up for a Eurovision party can go one of two ways. Either, you throw on your best ‘King’s bunker’ get-up, or go all out with national dress. If you can combine both in one killer ensemble, then its douze points for you Glen Coco.

4. More pizza than Domino's can deliver

If you’re taking this party seriously, ask everyone to bring national foods. The obvious choices are hummus and falafel for Israel, and fondue from Switzerland. Or, considering this is exam term and we are lazy students, a traditional Italian (Domino’s) pizza will please everyone. 

This troop just stepped straight out of the Bunker. Image: Daniel Aragay

5. Friends

No party is complete without company. Eurovision is a great reason to gather all your friends, united by geographical proximity to watch this peculiarly European tradition. Also Australians, who are inexplicably getting in on our fun this year. Regardless of origin, watching Eurovision is sure to bring people together. That is, until the political voting begins.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast on BBC1, Saturday at 8pm.