Foster sacked from Ents job

Alex Coke-Woods 20 January 2008

Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) has sacked its Entertainments Manager and has been forced to find someone else to fill the role.

In a post made on a Facebook group dedicated to this year’s Varsity 100, Ed Foster admitted that he had been “fired” from his position as CUSU Ents Manager at the end of last term.

But when The Cambridge Student (TCS) asked Foster why he had been sacked, Foster declined to comment further. Instead, he preferred to restrict his remarks to an endorsement of his successor in the position, Simon Burdus.

“I enjoyed my time working with CUSU, the students and the nightclubs,” he said, adding: “I wish Simon luck and I think he’ll do a great job.”

CUSU Services Officer, Adam Colligan, was keen to quash suggestions that Foster had left his position because of a failure to meet revenue targets for CUSU ents and events.

“There’s no crisis,” Colligan said, adding: “CUSU Sabbatical Officers are not entitled to discuss staff member issues publicly.”

But, he continued: “It would be unfair and incorrect to assume that a change in ents managership is related to a Budget shortfall.”

And yet, Colligan admitted: “You may well see us adjusting numbers on ents and other areas” in the future.

Faced with a staffing gap in the wake of Foster’s shock departure, CUSU was forced to act quickly over the Christmas break to find a new Ents Manager. Simon Burdus, already employed as CUSU Business Manager, was given a second role as the CUSU Ents Manager. The new role has added £10,000 to his annual salary, he admitted.

Burdus also confirmed that no other candidate had been considered for the position. “It wasn’t really a job interview as such,” that led to his appointment, he told TCS.

“Its not a permanent contract, I’m just filling the gap for now,” he said.

Burdus added that the status of his new, amalgamated post will not be reviewed until the Summer.

Alex Coke-Woods