Oliver Jones 22 February 2019

Splinters jut esoteric

In fashions brimming with acrimony

Suspending a few morsels


Blinded and battered sarcastic

Bludgeoned like my ventricles virescent


Blunders committed in youth’s virescence

Blackened by the esoteric

Blazoned with flaws you deemed fatal in your sarcasm

Blinkered in acrimony


Atria scorched for a morsel


And how sweet a morsel!

And how swathed in virescent


To verdant blooms entwined esoteric

In honeyed tongues yet acrid, acrimony

Loomed, veiled twittering bird-calls sarcastic



As I watch you take a morsel

Only the finest will do in our opulent acrimony

As the air is virescent

I would take my leave of this opulent web of the esoteric…




Blunt I must be, and I ought to be sarcastic

And show me bitter in fashions spiralling esoteric

And take from thy platters a morsel

And savage it with glee virescent

And give a joyful victory for acrimony


Clarion calls clash acrimonious


And bitter vitriol seeps virescent

And as fangs sarcasms

Scavenge a morsel

From my flesh, I’ll quip esoteric


As virescent blooms swaddle my vestiges scattered acrimonious

I was dismantled esoterically, blunt

Blunted as sarcastic coos swaddled me a babe. A mere morsel