Frosty Festival returns to Cambridge

Anna Hollingsworth 23 September 2014

Parker’s Piece will see the return of an ice rink and festival this winter after a one-year hiatus.

The plan to have a traditional ice rink and a ‘winter wonderland’ of stalls and shopping areas was granted approval by the central planning committee of the Cambridge City Council earlier this month.

 The ice rink did not appear last year as the promoter’s plan to move the rink to Christ’s Pieces was opposed by residents.

The winter extravaganza, produced by Ice Box Entertainment in collaboration with the council, will be constructed around the lamppost in the centre of Parker’s Piece, popularly known as Reality Checkpoint. Councillors initially raised the concern that conflicts may ensue from locating the attractions on either side of the busy cycle and pedestrian paths running across the park. However, it was thought that moving the fair elsewhere would bring it closer to homes and hence run the risk of triggering noise complaints.

In 2012, the previous time the North Pole ice rink appeared in Cambridge, it made a loss of £50,000, prompting a greater variety of attractions to be offered this year. In addition to the 200-capacity ice rink, visitors to Parker’s Piece will be able to enjoy various food stalls, as well as amusements such as a bungee trampoline, sleigh rides, bumper cars and a helter skelter.

Corpuscle Sam Twells told The Cambridge Student: "It sounds like a great idea and I'm glad that it's actually going to take place this year. Hopefully it'll become a regular feature of winters in Cambridge."

The ice rink and winter wonderland will run from 21st November to 5th January.