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After spending all of your money on gifts for your friends and family you might be thinking you won’t be able to afford a new game for a while. Well think again; here are just a few of my favourite free games to help you ignore the impending doom of Lent term.

5. Tetris Friends

No really, Tetris. I thought I’d taken all I could from this silly game but then I was introduced to Tetris Friends. Available through Facebook and an independent website, Tetris Friends adds a more competitive edge to this classic game. But be warned, once you start down this path it’s hard to stop. Soon you find yourself learning how to “T-Spin” and trying to best your score at half 2 in the morning.

4.  Team Fortress 2

Two years ago this game wouldn’t have made this list but since then Valve has made this incredible game free-to-play. Boasting insanely fun casual gameplay and an exciting competitive scene, Team Fortress 2 really is the game for everybody. With multiple game modes, a quintillion items to find and 9 different classes to play, this game will fill yours and your friends’ time.

 3. Quake Live

Quake has been around since 1996, with Quake Live (based off of Quake III) officially released in 2010. Since release I’ve been logging into this game to be crushed by the veterans who run the scene. Although the game is highly competitive, in my opinion, it provides entertainment for all skill levels. Quake has the most exciting and dynamic mechanics of any game I have ever played. You can dive into this game and guarantee you will never stop learning.

2. Path of Exile

I am an avid fan of Diablo II and felt disappointed after the release of Diablo III. This game was the breath of fresh air I was looking for. With fast paced combat and gritty, raw graphics, this game feels like it should: powerful. While satisfying my nostalgia, Path of Exile took leaps towards the future. Whilst the classic story mode remains, new unique ladder events allow players to create new characters and race against each other. PoE reinvigorated my love for this genre and I just can’t recommend it enough.

1. Dota2

At this time of writing I have 2993 hours of Dota2 played (no doubt it will increase by the time of reading). Since the moment I downloaded it I’ve been completely hooked on this game. With over 100 different heroes to play, this game has a very steep learning curve and so definitely isn’t for everybody. However if you have the time to dedicate you will gain one of the most rewarding gaming experiences of your life. There isn’t much more I can think to say. If you have a competitive streak and patience you should definitely indulge yourself in PCGAMER’s E-sport of the year.

There are many more games that could have made this list, post some of your favourites in the comments below to help us all out this holiday!

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