VitaBounce review

Screenshot of VitaBounce challenge mode Image credit: Sam Ainsworth
Creepy granny sprites from VitaBounce Image credit: Sam Ainsworth

Some very bad games have been known to cleverly disguise themselves as quite good games, but I don't think I've ever seen the reverse before. VitaBounce was released on PS Mobile for 79p last year by Sam Ainsworth, a Churchill College undergraduate. At first glance, it looks like the result of lazily porting a shoddy flash game. Its ugly, cluttered visuals leave a lot to be desired. However, if you can look past the creepy granny sprites, there's some genuine fun to be had here.

The gameplay is simple: scroll a bat along the bottom of the screen to keep a ball from dropping out of the screen, and hit it towards enemies to score points. The bat can be rotated in order to angle the ball away from certain hazards. It's hardly ground-breaking, but it works. Most of the fun will be had in the 80-level challenge mode, in which you must bounce your ball past increasingly intricate obstacles and into a goal position.

The real star of the game, however, is the soundtrack. The game's creator produced several full-length, original tracks for the game, including his own vocals. The lyrics indulge a particularly zany type of humour, and the tunes are really quite catchy. It's hard to be too upset about dying when the associated requiem music is so entertaining.

It's a shame that the game's outward appearance will put off so many potential buyers, because just behind that, VitaBounce really does have a couple of hours of wacky fun to offer.

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