Anker gaming mouse review by Vijay Maharajan

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With Christmas coming up, I knew I had a brilliant excuse to replace my old worn-out mouse. After hours of hard gaming, I had literally put it through its paces. The left mouse button would only double click and the scroll wheel was just shot. Now this first mouse was not really bought with gaming in mind, just price, and in fairness, it did everything I expected for many years. However with its time up, I decided to buy myself a gaming mouse; I needed something that could withstand the button mashing of League of Legends. That is why I bought the Anker 8200dpi (dots per inch) mouse.

Although more expensive than a conventional mouse, you really get what you pay for. When a tiny advantage can mean life over death a mouse like this is almost a necessity.

The mouse is targeted at gamers of all levels. With 2 highly customisable profile settings as well as adjustable weights, it is very easy to make this mouse unique to your needs.

Some may consider 8200dpi a little excessive and I must agree. Using a mouse at 8000dpi is nearly impossible with movements of less than 1cm sending the mouse speeding to the other side of the screen. However the software with the mouse allows the user to customise 4 saved dpi settings that can be changed on the fly. These can be anywhere from 50 dpi to 8200 dpi and allows the user to use one setting for everyday life, while another for gaming should they chose to.

The mouse software also allows complete customisability of all 9 buttons. They can be anything you want: macros, single and multiple buttons or basic functions such as increasing volume or switching windows. This customisability has proven useful to me as both a gamer and a medical student. With the macros, I can quickly execute a series of commands far more precisely than I otherwise possible in game, yet at the same time a macro for ‘/alpha’ is handy when typing essays.

The mouse itself has a very ergonomic design that fits well into the hand for comfort during long stretches. The long wire has been designed well such that it is both flexible and rigid; it doesn’t just have a tacky plastic coat but a braided fibre cable with a gold plated USB that has a professional look. The final aesthetic touch to the mouse would be the 1.6 million lighting options for the Anker logo and scroll wheel. This feature allows the user to easily know which profile is in use while making the mouse look awesome.

So this mouse has a lot to offer to any windows user. Sadly, the mac client of the mouse driver is not yet available leaving mac user stranded for now (myself included). While the simple fix is to program the mouse on Windows and then use that, it’s not ideal. For example, many features such as window swapping weren’t designed to work on the mac.

So in summary while the software may not yet be released for the mac, this mouse is both comfortable and efficient. It has fulfilled every expectation I had from it and is worlds better than any mouse I have previously used (mine or others).

The product page containing a product specification can be found here.

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