Elo Hell: The purgatory of all online gamers

We're all this guy...Right? Image credit: iloveui via flickr creative commons

Ever find yourself playing a game surrounded by noobs? Are you frustrated at the lack of cooperation of your team, who just refuse to do as they’re told? Then you must be in Elo Hell, the purgatory of all online gamers. Despair as they drag you to defeat, leaving you helpless to ever win enough games to free yourself. And as a League player, I totally sympathise with you. You spend hours watching streamers on Twitch that leave you thinking: “that could have been me, if I just wasn’t in Elo Hell”. The entire professional scene just doesn’t understand what it’s like to be there. They were the lucky ones to escape it before all the trolls started joining.

But perhaps, those people are where they are because they don’t believe in Elo Hell? Elo Hell doesn’t have to exist among us working-class gamers. It could just as easily be present at even the professional level! In fact, players like Fabbbyyy have become internationally famous, earning the nickname: The Gatekeeper. If the gates are closed, he will make you lose, regardless of which team you’re on.

But ultimately, they decide not to acknowledge it. They see Fabbbyyy as just another step on the ladder of improvement. They decide to criticise themselves for every loss, even if the rest of the team feed, rage and troll. So perhaps that is the way forward? As outrageous as it may seem, self-criticism is the fastest way to improvement, and only improvement is enough to carry you out of Elo Hell. So the moral of the story: stop raging, stop trolling, stay calm and keep gaming. Eventually you’ll carry yourself out of Elo hell the same way everyone else does. 

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