‘Gang’ responsible for Giulio Regeni’s death ‘killed’, claim Egyptian authorities

Amelia Oakley 25 March 2016

Egyptian Police have found and killed the gang allegedly responsible for the death of Giulio Regeni, an Italian PhD student at Cambridge, according to reports from the interior ministry. 

Police in the country recovered a bag belonging to Regeni during a raid on a flat in which all members of the criminal gang believed to have murdered Regeni were reportedly killed. 

Further possessions belonging to Regeni, including his university card and passport were discovered at the location, pictures of which were posted online by the ministry.

In the statement on their official Facebook page, they added that the gang specialised in abducting foreigners whilst posing as police officers. 

The official report stated: “The security forces on Thursday managed to track down a gang in New Cairo that used to pose as policemen. It specialised in abducting foreigners and robbing them,” adding: "all members of the gang were killed.”

The body of Girton student Regeni was found on 3 February, after going missing on 25 January near Tahrir Square, on the 5th anniversary of 'Arab Spring' protests in Cairo. 

These latest reports follow speculation around the nature of Regeni’s death, after revelations that Regeni had been writing articles critical of the government, and the prosecutor stating his body showed “clear signs” of torture. 

Egyptian officials have strongly denied any involvement in Regeni’s death.