“Gays Against Rees Mogg” to protest against Union talk

Will Bennett 6 February 2018

A Facebook page has recently appeared on our Newsfeeds called “Gays Against Rees Mogg”.  The page will host the event “Kiss in for Rees Mogg’ this Thursday, to protest against the Conservative MP’s planned presence at the Cambridge Union for its Brexit debate.

The Minister of Parliament of North East Somerset will be proposing the motion on Thursday that “No deal is better than a bad deal”.  He was vocal about his Euroscepticism prior to the referendum campaign and has emerged as a potential Tory leadership candidate in late 2017. Much like Corbyn, his popularity is often attributed to a tendency to amuse with antiquated mannerisms and an eccentric turn of phrase.

Rees-Mogg has a history of voting against legislation supporting gay rights.  This event, presumably run by students, plans on “shoving our gayness right down his throat” in an effort to make this “sexist tory scumbag” “feel really welcome”.

He may be allowed the chance to speak in the Houses of Parliament, but it is yet to be seen whether Gays against Rees Mogg will hold back Moggmentum on the floor of the Cambridge Union.

The page can be found here