Gest Appearances

19 June 2008

David Gest, producer, promoter and television personality, was spotted in various locations around Cambridge on May 22nd. The Cambridge Student tracked his movements throughout the night.

7.42: Stumbles drunkenly into Christ’s bar, muttering incoherently. Tells all present to stay in education and confides how he’s considering going back to college himself. When offered a drink by a student, he politely declines and goes outside and runs about on the lawn of the college’s third court.

8.02: Joins in with first-years playing Frisbee on Queens’ backs.

8.33: Staggers into Catz bar, where he shakes hands with everyone present and buys everyone a drink. This amounts to over 30 drinks. Makes promises that Michael Jackson will play at Catz may ball.

8.44: Goes to Catz library and wanders around drunkenly telling people to be quiet.

Approximately four weeks later, David Gest was seen at Emmanuel College June Ent.

Early hours: Believed to have been seen at Emma Ent where he tells those present that he was buying a flat above H&M in St. Andrew’s Street. Poses for a variety of photos (below).