GetReal editor survives no-confidence vote

Olly Hudson 20 May 2015

GetReal Co-Editor, Hesham Mashhour has survived a motion of no-confidence in his leadership.

A referendum on removing Mashhour from his post as one of the CUSU LGBT+ magazine's two co-editors was called after a petition in support attracted the required 30 signatures for a vote to be held

The vote required a two-thirds 'super-majority' in order to pass. The total number of yes votes received was 148 to 98 no votes, a margin of only 16.

This is the second time this week that GetReal has been subject to a referendum from members of CUSU LGBT+ after a motion was passed to amend the magazine's constitution to permanently divide the Chief-Editor role into two.

In an email to the CUSU LGBT+ mailing list, chair Jack Renshaw emphasised: "This was a democratic process that CUSU LGBT+ was obliged by our constitution to perform upon receiving a petition / letter from our members."

He added: "All access to the various accounts of GetReal will be returned to the co-editor as soon as possible." 

Mashhour responded to the news: "In Cambridge where free speech is under constant attack by radicals wishing to enforce their opinion on others, this small win is somewhat comforting."