Getting Your Film Fix on a Student Budget

Ellie Gould 12 November 2013

As all those anti-piracy adverts love to remind us, the cinema is an experience. And it’s one that students ought to take more advantage of. With more and more films taking on a significantly visual element, such as Gravity in all its majesty, you really have to make the trip to the cinema to appreciate the film as spectacle. Crowding your friends around a badly angled laptop screen is still a lot of fun, but it simply doesn’t give you the same visual depth; quite literally, when the film is 3D.
But there is one major problem with the cinema for students, and that is its cost. It’s not uncommon to be charged upwards of £10 for a 3D film these days, and if you dare want a snack as well, you’re looking at losing a sizeable portion of your student loan. However, the cinemas know this and so in an attempt to draw you into their screens, they’ve set up some really great ways you can see films on the cheap- or even free.

1. E4 Slackers Club- Arts Picturehouse
Each month, the Picturehouse puts on a showing of a film for free, and if you join the club you can bring a friend along too. They’ve had some top quality films this year- think Monsters University, How I Live Now, and this month In Fear.

2. Orange Wednesdays
It may seem like a bit of an obvious one, but a lot of students don’t take this opportunity to halve the cost of their ticket seriously enough. Save even more by bringing your own 3D glasses to 3D showings (everyone has a pair somewhere), and buying your food from Sainsbury’s beforehand. Large bags required.

3. College screenings
We’re very lucky to have some very affordable screening rooms in our colleges, too. Look out for St John’s Picturehouse and Christ’s Films, who have a good variety of showings each term for a few pounds, giving you the full cinematic experience for a fraction of the cost.