Gilmour jailed for 16 months

Judith Welikala 15 July 2011

Charlie Gilmour, son of Pink Floyd guitarist David, and second year Historian at Girton, has been sentenced to 16 months imprisonment for violent disorder during the during students fees march on Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square on last December.

The sentence was passed by Judge Nicholas Price QC at Kingston Crown Court in Surrey, where the 21 year old had pleaded guilty to charges of violent disorder in May.

Price had previously warned that Gilmour might get jail-time: “You must understand that your plea of guilty to violent disorder is a serious matter and it may be that the proper course would be one of immediate custody.”

Gilmour was found to have thrown a litterbin at a convoy of cars containing Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, sitting on the bonnet of a protection officer’s jaguar, and smashing a window of Topshop’s flagship Oxford Street store.

He was earlier seen hanging from a Union flag on the Cenotaph, although Prince admitted that this did not form part of the violent disorder.

He was bailed in May to allow him to finish his Part I exams.

A ‘Free Charlie Gilmour’ page has already been created by Cambridge students on Facebook.

More to follow….

Judith Welikala