Gridlock outside Sainsbury’s as lorry reverses into Trinity accommodation building

Will Tilbrook 15 February 2018

Traffic was brought to a standstill in the city centre on Thursday evening after a delivery lorry reversed into scaffolding supporting a building owned by Trinity College. Porters wearing bowler hats were on the scene as the lorry driver attempted to move clear of the support structure but was unable to come unstuck.

Four police officers were called to the scene to redirect vehicles away from the centre, but not until traffic had already backed up along Sidney Street, reportedly causing delays as far back as Lensfield Road.

The white lorry became attached to the scaffolding whilst reversing into the Sainsbury’s delivery yard at around 7:40pm. A metal bar had become embedded into the lorry’s side, causing the scaffolding to move with the lorry when it reversed. After two hours the scaffolding company arrived on the scene to make the building safe, only to find that, through the driver's perservance, the lorry had safely disentangled itself from the building works.

It is thought that parts of the building in question house students' rooms within Trinity's Whewell’s Court; however, there were no reports of students being directly affected by the incident. A student in nearby accommodation told TCS that he "heard a screeching noise and a thud" as the incident occured.

The scaffolding company, based in Newmarket, had to remove the scaffolding from the exterior of the building to adhere to health and safety regulations. 

A Trinity porter on the scene refused to make comment to TCS; however, Trinity College has been contacted.

Additional reporting by Sophie Dickinson