Grudgebridge deleted

Will Bennett 22 May 2018

After pledging a war on drinking societies and the culture that surrounds them, Grudgebridge has now been taken down.  In recent weeks, the site, previously intended for students to post issues anonymously about any group of students or elemet of the University, had taken a particular stance on drinking societies, angling for their extinction.  This came after a video of a drinking society from Trinity Hall, The Crescents, was posted in which disparaging comments were made about 'inclusivity'.

Speculation has already risen that the page might have been subject to a legal threat or cumulative threats, as anonymous 'grudges' regarding all kinds of prejudices have recently been submitted about groups beyond drinking societies, including sports clubs, professors and most recently, Varsity.

The admin of the page who is thought to have started the attack on drinking societies left his post soon after he redirected the page's impetus after personal threats were allegedly made.  It is still unclear why the present admins have taken this decision.

A new page called Grudgebridge: Reborn is currently active on Facebook but is yet to receive over 100 likes.  It seems to serve the same purpose that Grudgebridge once did in its time previous to its action against drinking societies.

Grudgebridge has now gone live again on Facebook.

This article was updated at 00:01 23/05 to include Grudgebridge's reactivation.