Guest speaker harassed members of the Union committee

Chrystel Pepi 18 October 2017

Following the news of allegations of sexual harassment by a frequent guest speaker towards the members of the committee, the Cambridge Union has ensured that the concerned perpetuator will not be invited back.

It was early this morning (18th October) that Tim Squirrell, former Cambridge Union president, took to Twitter to state how a “well-known” and “frequent invitee” sexually harassed “several” of the committee members during his term as president.

Out of “fear of libel accusations” Squirrel refrains from naming this specific individual, but assures that “they are a lawyer and appear in papers regularly.”

He also added that “later committees have had other speakers do similar.”

Squirrell admits to have initially “failed to act.” He only “informally” asked that the alleged perpetuator would not be invited to return and neglected to assure that he be “officially blacklisted.” Now, having taken the matter into his own hands, Squirrel has “finally” contacted current committees, informing them of the issue.

The Cambridge Student has approached the Cambridge Union for comment, who has assured to release a statement by the end of the day.

The news come today together with the official announcement on behalf of the University of Cambridge of a new initiative to safeguard respectable relations between students and staff members. Affirming its zero-tolerance position on the issue of sexual harassment and assault, this new approach aims to discourage intimate student-staff relationships.

Tackling the rising rage against the culture of harassment is not an easy task, and while not looking for “forgiveness or flagellation,” Squirrell can only try “not to be complicit again,” though rightfully asking whether one has “done everything you can to stop harassment?”